Build the ‘sustainability muscle’ of your employees with customized sustainability engagement education.

Leveraging the innate values and passions of your employees makes for a smart, resilient and stakeholder-centric organization. By developing their sustainability knowledge and building their awareness of measures to reduce individual and organizational impacts, you empower teams to achieve greater success on the pathway to a more sustainable future.

Socialize Your Corporate Sustainability Initiatives

Communicate your company’s sustainability priorities to your most rabid and loyal fans. Engage your employees in sustainability road-mapping. Empower your workforce to meaningfully and impactfully support sustainable changes throughout your organization.

Green Team Alignment Workshops

Harness the passion, commitment and effort of your company’s Green Teams to effect impactful sustainability results within your organization. Align their efforts with your company’s strategic sustainability goals to organize, prioritize and to successfully measure progress of initiatives deployed.

Employee Sustainability Engagement Workshops

Build the ‘sustainability muscle’ of your employees. Support their capacity-building around sustainability concepts and measures they can employee in their own lives that map to what they personally value. Provide them with the frameworks and tools needed to implement personal sustainability measures successfully. Empower them to be sustainability power-players in their own resilient lives!

Sustainability Engagement Tools

In their words

"TripleWin and team have an incredible gift for making the complex appear simple without being simplistic. I was skeptical at first that they could deliver passion and excitement around ESG in a corporate workshop for our leadership team but they did and provided a goldmine of practical information for our organization and the client entities we serve. TripleWin is a pleasure to work with. They deliver to an exceptionally high standard and are a great resource and strategic advisor to any company seeking to advance their corporate sustainability journey."

Scott Rich, Director of Growth & Marketing, Practice Green Health