TripleWin advises companies on how to embed sustainability strategically into their operations; allowing them to realize the multi-dimensional value such efforts bring to their businesses, brands, products and services.

Our Purpose

We work to transform the way businesses operate, all in service of a sustainable world.

Transforming the Way Businesses Operate

TripleWin is a boutique consultancy, a women-owned company, and a registered benefit corporation that serves to progress sustainability within industry.

We understand that sustainability is something all companies need to pursue, but that embracing it fully and embedding it strategically is complicated work.

TripleWin applies its expertise from decades of corporate experience, entrepreneurial nimbleness, and business consulting to meet client needs. Our team develops customized, sustainable strategies that prioritize business value creation, brand differentiation, competitive advantage, and additional revenue opportunities.

TripleWin asks companies to transform their organizations by embracing a shift in perspective across three key areas:

  1. Optimizing profitability while mitigating environmental impact and enhancing social justice.
  2. Taking a multi-stakeholder approach to value creation, instead of prioritizing the demands of investors alone.
  3. Embracing a carbon-reducing, material-regenerative circular business model.

TripleWin works with companies to build financially-persuasive strategic business cases that earn executive buy-in for corporate sustainability and circular production measures.

Core Values

View the core values that guide our work with clients.

Founder's Bio

TripleWin was founded in 2018 by Kate Gaertner, its current CEO.

Our Team

Introducing our team of passionate, intelligent and dedicated sustainability changemakers.

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