Investment Firms

TripleWin serves as a strategic partner to investment firms seeking to successfully progress their sustainability agenda within and across their portfolio companies.

Advise on Sustainability Trends & Region-Specific Climate Legislation Assessments

Corporate sustainability, ESG and impact disclosures are ever-evolving and becoming more rigorous by the day. TripleWin supports the knowledge-building of its investment partners and teams on the critical, need-to-know evolutions and material concerns for their companies; in the regions where they operate.

Guide Investment Teams on Material ESG Concerns

Investment teams need to understand the language of ESG and adopt the mindset of impact investors. TripleWin facilitates learning sessions on the material ESG issues portfolio companies and targets are facing and should be addressing, which in turn, guides the research and decision-making of investment teams.

Deliver Educational Curriculum

TripleWin’s investment firm partners seek to influence the adoption of sustainability practices at their portfolio companies. TripleWin builds and delivers curriculums on relevant corporate sustainability topics targeted for key executive leaders (e.g., CSO, CMO, CPO, CSCO, CFO, Head of IR) within investment firm’s portfolio companies. These educational opportunities are relevant content deep-dives that allow knowledge-building and content-sharing across portfolios and industries.

TripleWin has been retained by a European-based investment company that invests in digital disruptors within healthcare, fintech, food and human resources management, to work with their portfolio companies to raise awareness of the need and value of corporate sustainability; help begin their sustainability efforts, and build their medium-term impact strategies.

We could also (instead) link to a shortened version of the slide deck I presented at Kinnevik’s summit where we list in PDF format the “7 Megatrends driving Corporate Sustainability”, see here, slides 2-10.


Boards need to know what is material to the corporations they oversee; how well management is mitigating climate risks and attendant reputational damage; and how to provide effective oversight of strategic sustainability initiatives. TripleWin delivers incisive presentations and advice to Boards and Directors on a wide-range of ESG topics.

Portfolio Companies

For VC- and PE-backed, high-growth and pre-IPO companies, TripleWin serves as a partner and strategic resource on topics, issues, policies and initiatives to progress and showcase their commitments to corporate sustainability that are business-aligned, strategic and value-adding.

Business Transformation

TripleWin applies the tools of MIT’s Presencing Institute to engage corporations and executive management teams in a journey of business awareness around systemic failures and economic externalities driving climate change. We facilitate wholly new thought patterns and help birth beta ideas intended to transform the system of how businesses operate, manufacture, and manage their products and materials. Learn how the Theory U Framework can catalyze change in your organization.