Business Transformation

TripleWin helps catalyze systemic business transformation through the facilitation of MIT’s Theory U Framework.

Lead Like Never Before

Any profound change within a business requires transformational thought leadership. TripleWin offers an unconventional set of methodologies to help executive leaders see a new system to operate within that helps to progress business circularity and climate change mitigation. Our facilitation team applies the Theory U Framework methodologies of MIT’s Presencing Institute to help organizations visualize sustainable transformation.

The Theory U Framework

Theory U is a tool for identifying and prototyping necessary changes in a business world that is accelerating climate change while increasingly disrupted by its impacts. 

This transformational work is conducted in groups with organizational leaders. TripleWin offers 1-2 day workshops to present concepts and experiential learning frameworks that begin a transformational business exploration that lasts between 9-18 months.

In their words

TripleWin facilitated the Theory U framework over several weeks to help our team manifest and more clearly define the mission, vision and goals for Inspired Abilities, an innovative community work model for individuals on the spectrum. The process, utilizing physical and corporal elements, was a completely new experience, very creative and opened new conceptual pathways we would not have explored in a traditional way.

A. Bailey, Co-founder, Inspired Abilities,


Boards need to know what is material to the corporations they oversee, how well management is mitigating climate risks and attendant reputational damage, and how to provide effective oversight of strategic sustainability initiatives. TripleWin delivers incisive presentations and advice to boards and directors on a wide range of ESG topics.

Investment Firms

TripleWin partners with global investment firms to advise on industry and sustainability trends, inform on proposed and impending climate legislation, work with investment teams to guide their sustainability due diligence, and run educational seminars and workshops to address timely ESG and climate change issues pertinent to their investments.

Portfolio Companies

For VC- and PE-backed, high-growth and pre-IPO companies, TripleWin serves as a partner and strategic resource for progressing and showcasing their commitments to corporate sustainability through topics, policies and initiatives that are business-aligned, strategic and value-adding.