Materiality Assessments

Gain and prioritize insights from your stakeholders to guide your company’s strategic sustainability initiatives.

A Multi-Stakeholder Approach to Value Creation

A materiality assessment is an essential decision-making tool for defining and refining your corporate sustainability strategy. This incisive tool helps identify which environmental, social and governance (ESG) concerns are most important to your stakeholders and how those concerns intersect with the strategic financial business goals of your company. Materiality assessments prioritize the material issues companies pursue for themselves. 

TripleWin conducts materiality assessments for companies through discreet project engagements. Our market research team oversees stakeholder interviews and learning journeys, executes and analyzes materiality surveys, and outlines the prioritized intersection points so that they can be elevated into a comprehensive strategic sustainability action plan.

"TripleWin exceeded our expectations and brought innovative ideas to the table that we would not have identified without their partnership. Their services were very high quality and met our needs. TripleWin was always willing to go above and beyond as needed."
Julia Person, Sustainability Manager, Bob's Red Mill


Download our one-page Materiality Assessment PDF to learn how and why we implement this pivotal decision-making tool.

Gain Clarity on What the Key ESG Concerns Are for Your Stakeholders

Kick off your company’s materiality assessment today.

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