Founder’s Bio

TripleWin was founded in the Fall of 2018 by Kate Gaertner, its current CEO.

About Kate Gaertner

TripleWin was born from the idea that circularity within business was our collective path forward and through the climate crisis. After Kate had completed her second masters (in sustainable management from the University of Wisconsin, Superior), she founded TripleWin to effect large-scale systems change across a broad-swath of industries. TripleWin takes the applicable concepts from Industrial Ecology and seeks to apply them across the business operations of companies. It is Kate’s belief that sustainable product design and sourcing practices; diverse business models and value chain partnerships can drive real innovation and solutions to the extractive and pollutive nature of our existing way of operating. TripleWin exists to honor the planet by helping companies better utilize the resources it provides so that all living beings can thrive.


Kate is asked to speak in a variety of settings from academic, corporate to keynoting at global conferences. Her talks address topics related to sustainability, entrepreneurship and women leadership. Reach-out to book Kate for your next event.


Kate’s award-winning book, Planting a Seed, 3 simple steps to sustainable living, is sold globally and offers easy-to-understand and practical frameworks to embed sustainability into one’s life. Consider bulk purchasing Kate’s book to build the sustainability muscle of your company employees.