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Looking to business innovate & capture a greater share of consumer hearts and minds?

Business circularity is the path to success.

TripleWin Advisory

Make sustainability a business priority!

Business Circularity Helps Your Company Realize

  • Operational Savings & Efficiencies
  • Resilient Supply Chain
  • More Aligned Supplier Relationships
  • Innovative Purchasing & Consumption Models
  • Market Validation
  • Increased Brand Loyalty

Order Kate's New Book Now

If you want to make the world a better place but aren't sure where to begin, start here. Discover and embrace your values every day, through your actions and purchases. Chart a way to a greener future without shame, guilt or deprivation.

Sustainability Tips Box Set

Bridge your sustainability continuity commitments to your most loyal Brand ambassadors: your employees. Keep them engaged and motivated in their personal sustainability efforts at home with these fun, action-oriented tip cards!

Skinny Scope 3 GHG Inventory

Start your company's Value Chain footprinting with our toolkit that makes data collection clear, calculations easy, and business change reductions clear.

Interview with Forbes

Industry, Fossil Energy, And Sustainability In The Shadow Of Climate Change – Interview With Kate Gaertner


Newest Article

‘Scope 3 emissions’: what they are and why companies must start reporting them

Fast Company
September 2021

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We look forward to having a conversation with you around implementing business circularity in your organization.

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