TripleWin offers a key set of “tools” to help businesses progress their corporate sustainability journeys.

Circular Business Modeling

TripleWin doesn’t just espouse business circularity to our clients, we research the most viable path to it, recommend optimal solutions, and develop financial business cases to prove implementation is value-creating.

Carbon Inventory

A carbon inventory measures how much impact a company’s operations have on the environment. Without an understanding of what that impact is and what activities are driving it, building a sustainability strategy will be an ad hoc endeavor.

Materiality Assessments

A materiality assessment is an essential decision-making tool for defining and refining your corporate sustainability strategy. The tool helps a company identify which environmental, social and governance (ESG) concerns are the most important to its stakeholders, and how those concerns intersect with business operations.

Sustainability Roadmaps

Sustainability roadmaps serve as both internal business tools for companies to set goals and targets, determine initiatives to pursue and the KPIs to track progress made.

Climate Analyses & Net Zero Target-Setting

Privately-held and publicly-traded companies realize the need to align their sustainability goals to those of the Paris Climate Accord. TripleWin works with companies to set carbon, waste, water and energy reduction science-based targets as well as to perform climate analyses on how companies’ supply chains and global operations will be affected by climate change impacts.

Waste Audits

TripleWin works with manufacturers to implement audits of their manufacturing facilities, line operations and processes to uncover opportunities to optimize food loss.

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