TripleWin raises the importance of corporate sustainability with corporate boards and makes the business case to pursue it strategically.

Corporate Boards

The business case for pursuing sustainability and deepening a company’s commitment to material ESG issues has never been clearer. Public company boards need to understand the differences between ESG and corporate sustainability, be able to speak the language of impact investors, and employ the levers at their command to guide their companies’ sustainability strategies for ultimate financial and reputational impact.

Privately Held Boards

Boards of privately-held companies have to weigh growth and profitability alongside the social and environmental objectives of their management teams, workforces and organizational customers. Decisions around what, where and when to invest in sustainability is in constant tension with other business objectives. TripleWin helps build the case for boards and executive leadership on how to start, progress and deepen their sustainability journeys in ways that makes sound financial and strategic sense.

ESG Journey

In their words

"We engaged Triplewin to perform our first carbon inventory and to present to our board on the importance of ESG generally and how it affects and benefits our business. The information provided was both thorough and insightful and has been invaluable in helping Megaport develop a coherent ESG roadmap."

Sean Cassidy, CFO, Megaport

TripleWin was contracted to deliver an hour-long presentation to the Board of a publicly-held internet software and services company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange with a global footprint, to discuss what ESG is, why it matters, and the long-term value a strong ESG strategy brings to corporations.

Investment Firms

TripleWin partners with global investment firms to advise on industry and sustainability trends, inform on proposed and impending climate legislation, work with investment teams to guide their sustainability due diligence, and run educational seminars and workshops to address timely ESG and climate change issues pertinent to their investments.

Portfolio Companies

For VC- and PE-backed, high-growth and pre-IPO companies, TripleWin serves as a partner and strategic resource for progressing and showcasing their commitments to corporate sustainability through topics, policies and initiatives that are business-aligned, strategic and value-adding.

Business Transformation

TripleWin applies the tools of MIT’s Presencing Institute to engage corporations and executive management teams in a journey of business awareness around systemic failures and economic externalities driving climate change. We facilitate wholly new thought patterns and help birth beta ideas intended to transform the system of how businesses operate, manufacture, and manage their products and materials. Learn how the Theory U Framework can catalyze change in your organization.