Employee Engagement

We engage, enrich, build awareness and grow excitement among workforces on the most strategic and highest priority sustainability topics of organizations.

Our Expertise in Employee Engagement Yields Results

OUR MOTTO: Make learning interactive, hands-on, fun and rewarding. 

OUR GOAL: Build agency among your most loyal assets – employees – that empower them to drive actions that progress your most important ESG goals.

Training Videos

Our visually-compelling educational assets that use humor, animation, and elements of surprise are memorable. When your company is looking to build internal alignment around key priority ESG goals and equip all employees with the same foundational knowledge, call TripleWin to help produce educational videos that everyone will love, in predominant languages spoken across your operations.

Competitions / Challenges

We are creative thinkers who like to customize our interactive experiences to our clients’ delight. One of the best ways we know how to engage employees in sustainability action-taking is to develop competitions deployed at the workplace.

Gemba Walks

We kick-start continuous improvement processes with these ‘on site’ team-based employee engagement tools. TripleWin uses GEMBA tours of manufacturing facilities to uncover actionable initiatives in support of a company’s ESG goals.

In their words

"TripleWin’s services were high quality, engaging, professional and based in known scientific and factual ESG & sustainability principles. TripleWin has consistently proven that they are a high quality partner that can support a company like Land O’ Lakes in its ESG efforts."

Erika Covington, Supply Chain Sustainability Manager, Land O' Lakes

Sustainability Engagement Tools

Waste Audits

TripleWin works with manufacturers to implement audits of their manufacturing facilities, line operations and processes to uncover opportunities to optimize food loss.


When your company has made sustainability strategic and embedded it into its organizational ethos, TripleWin supports the building of that sustainability ‘DNA’ by crafting evergreen training courses to be incorporated into company’s learning management systems.


TripleWin crafts and facilitates customizable sustainability workshops designed to build the ‘sustainability muscle’ of employees.