We build educational tools to support employee training, professional development and personal enrichment around important and relevant sustainability topics.

Build Awareness, Interest and Action through Compelling Learning Vehicles

Don’t kid yourself; your employees care deeply and passionately about the implementation of sustainability at your company.  Leverage that passion and enthusiasm through educational assets and learning modules that visually and compellingly tell sustainability stories that matter and are relevant to your company and industry.  Integrate targeted trainings and enrichment opportunities around sustainability topics into your organization’s learning management systems.  


TripleWin deploys a team of learning & development experts, visual illustrators and compelling storytellers to make the educational experience truly exceptional and memorable.

Employee Engagement Courses

We want organizations to embrace sustainable living among their employees. The UN includes ‘sustainability lifestyles’ as a universal goal to be achieved by 2030. This sustainability course is a comprehensive guide for doing just that. Call it the Next-Gen employee benefit.


TripleWin crafts and facilitates customizable sustainability workshops designed to build the ‘sustainability muscle’ of employees.

Employee Training and Development Module

Know what you want to impart to your employees to increase the level of engagement at your company?

Sustainability Engagement Tools