Portfolio Companies

For investment-backed, high-growth and pre-IPO companies, TripleWin serves as a partner and strategic resource on sustainability topics, issues, policies and initiatives.

Executive Leadership Knowledge-Building Sessions

TripleWin counsels leadership teams, Chief Sustainability Officers, ESG and Impact Officers on the value markets and stakeholders place on corporate sustainability and the baseline requirements needed to be taken seriously and to avoid reputational damage.

Build Customized Sustainability Journeys

TripleWin engages in a series of conversations kicked-off by a listening session with companies, that is guided by an understanding of their driving strategic business goals. TripleWin integrates those goals into a bespoke sustainability journey for companies that aligns their most pressing financial, growth and innovation goals with sustainability objectives and initiatives that enhance their brand positioning, product/service offerings, and desired differentiation in the marketplace.

Perform Consulting Services

Often, TripleWin’s ongoing advising consultations lead to strategic consulting work where we are asked to initiate and complete one or more sustainability initiatives for portfolio companies. These typically range the gamut of traditional consulting services TripleWin engages in with clients.

It could be interesting to provide an example of something I’ve completed for one of the companies. For instance, I’ve created a “S” metrics dashboard for Omnipresent (we cannot name company names), a KPI roundup of “S” metrics for JobandTalent, and a Stakeholder mapping for Cityblock. You tell me which one seems most interesting. All are fine with me.


Boards need to know what is material to the corporations they oversee; how well management is mitigating climate risks and attendant reputational damage; and how to provide effective oversight of strategic sustainability initiatives. TripleWin delivers incisive presentations and advice to Boards and Directors on a wide-range of ESG topics.

Investment Firms

TripleWin partners with global investment firms to advise on industry and sustainability trends, inform on proposed and impending climate legislation, work with investment teams to guide their sustainability due diligence, and run educational seminars and workshops to address timely ESG and climate change issues pertinent to their investments.

Business Transformation

TripleWin applies the tools of MIT’s Presencing Institute to engage corporations and executive management teams in a journey of business awareness around systemic failures and economic externalities driving climate change. We facilitate wholly new thought patterns and help birth beta ideas intended to transform the system of how businesses operate, manufacture, and manage their products and materials. Learn how the Theory U Framework can catalyze change in your organization.