Engagement Tools

Tools exist to change, refine and guide us. They help to give structure and context to what we want to accomplish. Living sustainably should be everyone’s goal.

“The expectations of life depend upon diligence; the mechanic that would perfect his work must first sharpen his tools.”
– Confucius

Sustainability Engagement Tools

DIY Sustainability Tips Boxset

Gamify sustainability measures employees, teams and departments can take each week and all year long. This box set of 60 doable sustainability measures makes a perfect gift for catalyzing action.

Sustainability Living Book

In this Nautilus award-winning book, Planting a Seed, 3 simple steps to sustainable living, individuals are given a set of frameworks for incorporating sustainability into their lives and communities with an impetus placed on action-taking.

Digital Dashboard Tool

Drawing from a database of over 300 sustainability measures to pursue across 8 impact categories, this digital tool allows employees and teams to create eco-challenges for themselves based on the level of effort and impact desired.

In their words

"The TripleWin team shared a wealth of knowledge with us and gave us crystal clear guidance on what we should be prioritizing at this stage of our journey. Their work output was incredibly thorough. The outcome of our time together was user-friendly dashboard showing every detail of our carbon inventory. Every interaction that we had with TripleWin was friendly and professional and I cannot wait to work with them again."

Laura Cox, Environmental Social Governance Manager, Megaport


When your company has made sustainability strategic and embedded it into its organizational ethos, TripleWin supports the building of that sustainability ‘DNA’ by crafting evergreen training courses to be incorporated into company’s learning management systems.

Employee Engagement

You need to build internal alignment on key priority ESG goals among your employees as well as to ensure that everyone is equipped with the same foundational knowledge. TripleWin builds customizable, interactive and highly memorable employee engagement assets that can be replicated across your global operations.


TripleWin crafts and facilitates customizable sustainability workshops designed to build the ‘sustainability muscle’ of employees.