Skinny Scope 3 Carbon Inventory Calculator Toolkit: Business Travel & Employee Commuting


This workbook allows your company to calculate a skinny Scope 3 carbon inventory, focused on accurately calculating the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions within two key carbon categories:  Business Travel (Category 6) and Employee Commuting (Category 7).

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This workbook is TripleWin’s user-friendly toolkit for measuring your company’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from Business Travel and Employee Commuting. The process we provide in this workbook (with embedded GHG calculators) is part of a standardized framework designed to take inventory of your company’s greenhouse gas emissions throughout its value chain.  That standardized framework is called the GHG Protocol.  Emissions from business travel and commuting are part of  your company’s Scope 3 Emissions:  Category 6 (Business Travel) and Category 7 (Employee Commuting). You can learn more about carbon inventories here.


This toolkit is perfect for:

  • Organizations that want to start calculating their Scope 3 value chain GHG emissions.
  • Service organizations where a predominant amount of their GHG emissions fall into Business Commuting and Employee Travel.
  • Companies that want to put a stake in the ground & commit to the process of becoming Climate Neutral.



The Carbon Inventory Calculator for Business Travel and Commuting is:

  1. Fully unlocked and customizable.
  2. Contains a Sample Employee Commute Survey that can be downloaded and customized to reach out to your employees to gather the detailed data you need for a more accurate carbon inventory.
  3. Offers guiding questions and places to document your assumptions and data sources to easily update your inventory for the next year.
  4. Transparent with all the embedded Emissions Factors utilized.  Other outside data used in the GHG calculations is disclosed and sourced.



The purchase of this tool includes one full hour of consulting guidance on how to effectively use the Scope 3 Skinny GHG Calculator to calculate your company’s carbon emissions.  A product purchase triggers a call and/or email from a TripleWin Advisory carbon accounting expert to the purchaser to schedule a live, virtual consultation at a date and time amenable to the purchaser.

Consulting support beyond the one hour included consultation is available for an additional fee and can be negotiated directly with one of TripleWin Advisory’s carbon accounting experts.   


Purchase of this calculator includes future updates to it.

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