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Carbon Inventories

Measuring Your Company’s Carbon Footprint

Conducting a carbon inventory allows you to measure how much of an impact your company’s operations are having on the environment. Without an understanding of what that impact is, and what activities are driving it, it is impossible to build an effective sustainability strategy.

Mapping the Value Chain

Mapping your company’s value chain emissions allows for you to make informed and impactful decision-making in relation to three key issues.

  • Where in the value chain are greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions concentrated?
  • What are the ESG (environmental, social and governance) considerations of those emissions?
  • Which sustainability measures best support operational efficiencies, cost savings and new revenue streams?

Benefits of a Carbon Inventory

TripleWin advisory conducts project-based carbon inventories. Our inventories can take between 5 to 13 weeks depending on the scope of the work requested. Corporations can use carbon inventories as tools to innovate their value chains and decarbonize, while showcasing the value of sustainable business models to capital markets and stakeholders.
Information derived from carbon inventories can have a variety of benefits, include optimizing transportation systems, dematerializing product design, and improving the efficiency of product use through the utilization of green materials and chemicals. Learn more about our approach to conducting a best-in-class carbon inventory for clients in this case study.

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