Boost engagement, build loyalty and amplify your impact with our online sustainability course

Give your employees the knowledge and tools they need to live better and lighter on our shared planet.

CultivateTM walks learners through eight categories of impact, provides tips for successful behavior change, and shows the links between their individual actions and climate change, social and environmental justice, and human rights. They will leave feeling more confident in their ability to effect meaningful change, and more closely connected to their company and colleagues who share the same mission.

When asked where they’d like their organizations to focus in order to help fight climate change, Gen Zs and millennials prioritized education about how to be more sustainable.

— Deloitte 2023 Gen Z and Millennial Survey, page 31


Award-winning content

  • Rich multimedia content covering eight categories of impact, from transportation and energy to waste and food
  • Recorded interviews with 15 sustainability experts
  • Course text includes the 2022 Nautilus Book Award-winning Planting a Seed: Three Simple Steps to Sustainable Living by Kate Gaertner

Rewarding employee experience

  • Interactive games and quizzes to test knowledge and gauge personal growth
  • Tools that make behavior change motivating and sustainable by aligning actions with personal values, including saving money
  • Culminates with a personalized sustainability action plan and certificate of completion
  • 100% of past participants would recommend the course to others

Integrated impact measurement and communication tools

  • Behavioral assessments for calculating carbon reductions from lifestyle changes
  • Corporate dashboard for aggregating impact data from across the workforce
  • Customizable metrics linked to HR and sustainability targets, such as employee engagement and the SDGs
  • Built-in evidence for communicating value of the course to stakeholders


The CultivateTM course can be tailored to your organization’s specific HR and sustainability goals. Deliver all 11-modules on TripleWin’s educational platform, or integrate the content you want into your own enterprise learning management system.

“By 2030, ensure that people everywhere have the relevant information and awareness for sustainable development and lifestyles in harmony with nature.”

— Sustainable Development Goal 12.8

“Our future now depends on our behavior and how we choose to live, work and play as global consumers —
how we run our homes, what food we eat, how we get around, how we relax, what we buy and how we care for our planet.”

— UN Environment Programme

“CultivateTM helps individuals take actions aligned with their values so that taking action feels good, not cumbersome or sacrificial.” — Melissa Cano, CultivateTM participant


Take a 6-minute tour of Cultivate’sTM top features with our CEO, Kate Gaertner.