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About TripleWin Advisory

TripleWin Advisory is a corporate sustainability consultancy.

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We come in at the moment a company realizes it is in need of a comprehensive, high-level, strategic plan around its previously ad hoc sustainability endeavors.  We like to work in the “zone” between when a company knows it has a need for greater sustainability expertise and after it commits to reporting on sustainability measures corporate-wide.  We support Chief Sustainability Officers and VPs/Directors of Sustainability and Environmental Impact to develop financially-persuasive business cases to progress circular production measures across their companies’ value chain.

Why Work with Us?

Because we get that corporate sustainability is something all companies need but that embracing it fully and embedding it strategically is not easy to do.  It takes time, a good amount of financial and human resources, a longer reporting outlook, and organizational commitment.  But truly, organizational benefits from corporate sustainability abound and rightfully should be captured.

We know how to identify the “low-hanging fruit” opportunities of sustainability but we don’t stop there.  We are passionate about business circularity (a.k.a. Industrial Ecology) and we seek to educate, communicate, and socialize the opportunities inherent in its implementation through mapping corporate value-chains and analyzing carbon inventories.  Through our engagement with leaders, stakeholders and business operations, we develop a strategic business case for pursuing deep sustainability with executive-level buy-in and sign-off.

We’re here to help you fully and comprehensively embrace corporate sustainability.

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TripleWin Advisory brings 20 years of corporate experience, entrepreneurial nimbleness, circularity focus, stakeholder engagement, and business consulting to the development of comprehensive sustainability business plans.

Our project work-streams can include the following:

  • Make internal organizational assessments
  • Review existing sustainability projects
  • Level-set corporate sustainability goals and objectives
  • Map value chains
  • Perform Scope 3 carbon inventories
  • Identify sustainability opportunities
  • Socialize circularity measures
  • Prioritize opportunities by time, resources and scale
  • Align priorities with internal corporate goals
  • Recommend test initiatives to pursue
  • Develop knowledge transfer communications plan
  • Inventory financial cost savings and revenue opportunities
  • Detail performance metrics for goal-setting and progress tracking

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