Having completed a carbon inventory and materiality assessment with TripleWin, StockX was ready to take the next step: integrating the company’s environmental “E”, social “S” and governance “G” priorities into a strategic sustainability roadmap for itself. Learn More >>

Bob’s Red Mill

Through partnership with the Pacific Coast Food Waste Commitment and the World Wildlife Fund, we developed a pilot for Bob’s Red Mill. We engaged employees in identifying measures to prevent food waste in the company’s operations. Learn More >>

Linux Foundation

TripleWin was hired to work with this open-sourcing non-profit that hosts more than 200 global events annually, to build a framework and methodology for greening its in-person events, with a focus on zero food waste and material revalorization. Learn More >>

Winky Lux

TripleWin built a financial business case for a global makeup and skincare company to allow its customers to recycle its product packaging at the end-of-life. Learn More >>

Winky Lux

TripleWin was hired to to perform a detailed analysis of all the materials sourced in the development of its beauty, makeup and skincare products, particularly focused on componentry and secondary packaging. Learn More >>

Bob’s Red Mill

TripleWin performed a baseline carbon inventory for Bob’s Red Mill, in order for the company to prepare to set science-based targets for itself. Learn More >>


A beauty product disrupter with a national footprint that designs durable and recyclable consumer products, TripleWin helped it build a post-consumer product recycling program so that its metals materials return to the global supply chain. Learn More >>

Stock X

For this high-growth digital platform that moves physical product twice in its value chain, TripleWin’s Carbon Inventory uncovered a host of carbon emissions reducing initiatives that doubled as business differentiators. Learn More >>

Stock X

TripleWin kicked off a four-month-long materiality assessment for StockX. A materiality assessment is an incisive, strategic tool for uncovering the most relevant and pressing ESG topics for both the company and their stakeholders. Learn More >>

Brew Dr. Kombucha

TripleWin is optimizing businesses. Read about the Scope 3 GHG Inventory we performed for a high-growth beverage maker. Learn More >>