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Grounding the Scale of Climate Change

computer graphics - funnel or scaling - the scale of climate change in future

The “Global” in Climate Change When we hear about global climate change its scale can be overwhelming.  One of two responses can override our rational brain.  One response by some could be the thought that global climate change is such a big problem it is difficult to fully comprehend.  You would not be alone in […]

The MisEducation of Women

woman power abstract - the mis-education of women

The Role of Women: Obedience The role of women in our culture is all messed up and discombobulated.  From a very early age, girls are asked to carry themselves in a way that comports to societies expectations of them. And that society is patriarchal.  This is where the problem begins and persists.  At a young […]

Adaptation Strategy #5: Managing Our Wants & Needs

B and W silhouette - human brain - adapting to climate change

Adaptation Concepts There are many adaptation strategies to be employed to combat climate change and to better prepare us to endure and recover from disasters that strike.  I’ve grouped them into eight major categories (see below).   These all generally relate to adaptations to be deployed by individuals.         Recycle Reuse Efficiency Reduce […]

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Embracing Adaptability. Developing Resiliency.

bare windswept tree illustrating resiliency: hire Triple Win for resilient businesses

System Shocks Make Personal Adaptation Necessary. When we speak about climate change, adaptation strategies help guide us through to a “new” norm while building our resiliency to episodic shocks that are expected to come.  The same can be said for acute shocks like the one we are experiencing today with Covid-19.  Here’s the base reasoning: […]


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