Why I wrote “Planting A Seed”

Kate Gaertner
The reason I founded TripleWin Advisory was to effect transformational change within businesses in order to stop and reverse climate change and industry’s contribution to it. The work I do at TripleWin and for our clients is meaningful and impactful. I’m deeply passionate about what we do and the reasons for doing it. A significant part of my efforts is dedicated to educating others on the value and importance of deep sustainability adoption. I live stakeholder capitalism. I give primacy to stakeholder inclusion. My role in speaking to companies and working with the individuals that bring businesses ‘alive’, is to build agency and to empower action that is self-directed, purposeful and profound. My forthcoming book, Planting a Seed, 3 simple steps to sustainable living, is an homage to stakeholders everywhere — in life and in work. They are our sustainable future; our much needed agents of change. Read more about my thoughts for writing Planting a Seed…

Plant Seeds to feed your future.

Planting a Seed, 3 simple steps to sustainable living. That’s the title of my forthcoming book. I wrote the book to be a living, breathing thing. Well, not ‘breathing’ in the exact sense we typically think of as drawing in and expelling air. And not ‘living’ in the sense that it is something that possesses sentience. These are the aspects of human experience; of animal experience. Planting a Seed is a compilation of living (“alive”) ideas that are intended to breathe greater understanding and inspiration in you to see the worth, value and enrichment sustainability can bring to your life today and all the days to come.

The Climate crisis weighs heavily upon us.

Planting a Seed is timely. It asks you to gather up all your fear, concern and knowledge of climate change and the impacts of extreme weather that are roiling our world and changing our planet in ways that are unprecedented, chaotic, and disruptive; and invites you to channel that big bundle of uncertainty into sustainable action. Not just action for action’s-sake but meaningful, directed, purpose-filled initiatives. I’m asking you in Planting a Seed to change: the decisions you make, the behaviors you’ve shaped, the life you enjoy in ways that align with your values and sustain the Earth.

Sustainability Is a personal choice: self-directed and individualized.

Here is where the accessibility of my book comes into play. Becoming sustainable feels like a big task but there are a lot of little steps you can take to get there.  This roadtrip, journey, adventure, experiment, even, is a trip we all will need to take. Know you are among a like-minded community. By employing a mindset filled with curiosity, openness, and receiving, Planting a Seed guides you in mapping out the best sustainable path for your life and your family.

Be Open to seeing the world with new eyes.

The book is alive because it really is both a reference and guide for sparking a sense of empowerment deep inside each of us that if it could speak, would say, “I matter.  I am a force for good. I can move mountains with my intentions and actions.” This book is my humble house-warming gift to you. You’ve invited me into your home, into your life to convene together. The gift of “we matter”. In appreciation, I bring for you an heirloom seed, potted in soil and water, on the cusp of germination and growth. That seed is an idea; a tightly bound bundle of potential energy just waiting to be watered, cared for and coaxed into fruition. All it needs is a little tending to by you. With anything new in our life, we must get used to its presence; understand its place, spatially, in the context of our living. This seed that is meant to grow into a plant needs your attention, consideration and action. From the care we provide, it rewards us with its natural beauty. Other benefits accrue in ways we scarcely register like breathing cleaner air, feeling more productive, and exhibiting less stress.

Sustainability Is the idea of flourishing in a world that sustains you and you it.

So it is with sustainability. Living sustainably—in harmony with Earth and all its multitude of amazing species—bestows both obvious and a deep reservoir of hidden benefits to each of us. Sustainability is an idea to be internalized and cultivated; a way of living that is enriching; a new perspective that is holistic and inclusive; and our path to a world that is mutually up lifting. As we learn to respect nature for the gifts it provides both known and unknown; the growth of that recognition enriches us personally.

Hope, Vision and action is a winning sustainability strategy.

I wrote Planting a Seed, 3 steps to sustainable living because the world is getting scarier and feels more chaotic and out of control than anytime in the last half century. There is so much negativity out there; doom-and-gloom. It’s depressing. We need inspiration to be truly resilient. When we feel depressed, we lack the personal reserves to lift ourselves up, let alone others: family, friends, neighbors, communities, and nations. I choose to live with hope and marry it with clear-eyed vision, a well-developed strategy, aspirational but absolutely attainable goals, a good dose of persistence, and above all, action. I wrote this book to entice as many others with me along this lifelong journey called sustainability. Because sustainability is both a journey, a destination and a way of living. There is hope! Be hopeful. Then, bundle all that hopefulness deep inside yourself and use it as your energy reserves for the days, months and years ahead. Now, get going on your sustainability journey to a life and world that is flourishing!