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Conduct Clean Energy Assessments

At Triple Win we work with the very best kinds of clients, thought leaders who recognize that corporate sustainability is a necessity, not a nice-to-have. This is true because progressive organizations realize that corporate sustainability powers better business results, including revenues, profits, cost control, productivity, wellness, and brand performance.

The transition to the clean energy age offers compelling economic benefits to corporations. Our leading team at TripleWin Advisory has developed a portfolio of tools to help companies make comprehensive sustainability plans and to present compelling business cases for those plans.

One such tool is our Clean Energy Assessment Process, which focuses primarily on the technological upgrades a company can consider that will yield real results.

TripleWin’s clean energy experts guide clients down the following assessment path:

EXPLORATION > In the exploration phase TripleWin works with your team to identify potential technological opportunities within your existing operations and help determine how the story of your organization can shape your goals for improvement. High-level strategy conversations are followed by concrete verification that your possibilities are real within the landscape of current clean energy case successes and best practices.

PLANNING > In the planning phase TripleWin’s energy experts dive deeper into your operations and work with your team on clean system planning in areas such as building envelopes, heating, cooling & ventilation, energy recovery, controls, micro-grid software, power generation and storage, lighting, motors, water, refrigeration and much more. In addition to the technological focus we propose management initiatives including team engagement, sales, marketing and customer programs, and supply chain analysis. We use team dynamics, data analytics and expert consultation to help with quick wins, deep energyupgrade scenarios, savings, emissions,return on investment detail, funding, priority and risk analysis.

EXECUTION > Our execution phase employs classic project management fundamentals, including plan peer reviews, team building, inspections, updates, interim reports, data collection and final reports.

With TripleWin’s Clean Energy Assessment Process your organization can only win, because during the exploration phase we determine whether there is potential within your operation to save enough cost to cover our services. If that potential doesn’t exist, we recommend against proceeding further. Assuming you ultimately implement the plan we develop together, your investment is certain to pay off both financially and in terms of reducing your greenhouse gas footprint. Let’s start a clean energy conversation today!

TripleWin Advisory brings 20 years of experience from the corporate and entrepreneurial realms and the latest training in industrial ecology, systems-thinking and transformational leadership to help companies embed sustainability within their strategic business goals. 

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Perform Scope 1-3 Carbon Inventories

Meaningful metrics underlie successful corporate sustainability strategies.

A company’s sustainability strategy across its entire organizational footprint is only as good as its best guess without data to prove-out assumptions reliably. Mapping a company’s value chain through a Scope 1, 2 & 3 greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory allows a company to make informed, measurable and meaningful strategic decisions around:

  • Where in its value chain are GHG emissions concentrated?
  • What are the ESG impacts of those value chain emissions?
  • Which sustainability measures can be taken to provide the best opportunities to realize operational efficiencies, cost savings and new revenue streams?

Understand the Path toward a Circular Value Chain

Realize the Benefits of Performing a Scope 3 Carbon Inventory

Corporations can realize a whole host of opportunities to improve their value chain operations, innovate, decarbonize, decouple their growth from fossil fuels (and hitch their ride onto renewable energy), and signal to the capital markets and stakeholders the value and benefit of a truly sustainable business model. Some of those benefits include:

  • Optimizing transportation systems
  • Dematerializing product design
  • Greening material sourcing and chemical use
  • Improving product use efficiency
  • More effectively managing product end-of-life

Scope 3 corporate value chain analysis is the short-cut to actualizing strategies for the implementation of a circular business model. Learn more here about circularity, circular production and industrial ecology.

TripleWin Advisory conducts Scope 1-3 GHG inventories by performing the following for its clients:

  • Conduct initial screen across a corporate value chain
  • Map a company’s global supply chain
  • Highlight the top 3-8 Scope 3 category hotspots to analyze further
  • Calculate priority categories
  • Recommend carbon reduction strategies to pursue
  • Helps to set carbon reduction goals

All work is project-based, typically spanning 10-14 weeks depending on the scope of work requested.

Capitalize on the business opportunities a carbon inventory can uncover for your business.

TripleWin Advisory brings 20 years of experience from the corporate and entrepreneurial realms and the latest training in industrial ecology, systems-thinking and transformational leadership to help companies embed sustainability within their strategic business goals. 

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Develop Sustainable Business Cases

Your company has decided business sustainability is a priority. 

What does that mean for your organization? What does that plan entail? Where should you be pursuing sustainable measures? What should get prioritized?

A first step is to identify where your company is in its sustainability journey.

Info graphic - how sustainable is your business?

From whatever point your company is in its journey, there are most likely further inroads to delve deeper and implement greater sustainability measures throughout your value chain to realize operational efficiencies, cost savings and to uncover additional revenue opportunities.

Building a Corporate Sustainability Roadmap

Why does a company need a sustainability road map? Because a well-thought out plan that ties sustainability measures to a company’s strategic business objectives and priorities operational efficiencies and business transformations in the medium-to-long-term requires executive commitment, board sign-off and effective corporate governance. One-off projects and non-targeted performance goals may provide short-term marketing lift but fail to build long-term business capabilities that are built to last. Corporate sustainability should support climate change mitigation efforts meaningfully, measurably, and impactfully.

At TripleWin Advisory, we:

  • Perform an internal business review to identify immediate opportunities to pursue.
  • Assess external landscape.
  • Develop stakeholder engagement strategy.
  • Perform Scope 1-3 carbon inventories.
  • Vet key areas of sustainable opportunity.
  • Socialize circularity measures.
  • Identify key partners, technologies and acquisition opportunities across one’s value chain.
  • Develop a financial business case for recommended measures.
  • Outline an internal communications plan.
  • Prioritize & plan a range of sustainability projects to pursue in-line with company’s strategic business vision and goals.

All work is project-based, typically spanning 8-14 weeks depending on the scope of work requested.

Realize the benefits of a comprehensive sustainability plan.

TripleWin Advisory brings 20 years of experience from the corporate and entrepreneurial realms and the latest training in industrial ecology, systems-thinking and transformational leadership to help companies embed sustainability within their strategic business goals. 

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Progress Business Transformation

Profound Business Change Requires Transformational Thought-Leadership.


Multi-day Workshops Support New Operational Thinking Among All Levels of Business Leadership 


TripleWin Advisory applies the Theory U Framework methodologies of MIT’s Presencing Institute to support corporate leadership in visualizing how their company’s business operations can be sustainably transformed.

In order for industry leaders to effect transformational change in how their businesses operate today and move to a place where business decisions are conducted first-and-only through a sustainability lens, TripleWin Advisory offers an unconventional yet profoundly enlightening set of methodologies that allow business leaders to see the system in which they operate today, understand how the current system and way of doing business lacks longevity, and offer a framework to practically chart a more sustainable course forward.  This deep transformational work is conducted in groups with all levels of leaders within an organization.  TripleWin Advisory offers 1-2 day workshops to present concepts and experiential learning that begin a transformational business exploration that can take anywhere between 9 months to two years to fully express itself at an organizational level.



Some background on the methodologies and frameworks that are integrated into TripleWin Advisory’s facilitated leadership workshops. 

The Theory U Framework is a framework for seeing, sensing and prototyping necessary business change in a world increasingly disrupted by climate change impacts affecting how companies’ operate, economies perform, the productivity and resiliency of communities.


Infographic explaining the five steps of the theory U framework for business change workshops.

Social Presencing Theater

Social Presencing Theater (SPT) is a methodology developed to more deeply understand current reality and to explore emerging future possibilities.  SPT practices and tools can be practiced at the individual, group, and organizational levels. It is considered to be one of the most important and effective methods developed by MIT’s The Presencing Institute for seeing the system in which an organization operates and identifying areas of un-sustainability.  SPT has been used effectively for more than ten years in industry, nationally with governments, and in civil society settings.  SPT is not “theater” in the conventional sense, but a set of tools that help to access intuition and to make visible both current reality, and the deeper – often invisible – leverage points for creating profound change in businesses, industries, societies and economies.

TripleWin Advisory brings 20 years of experience from the corporate and entrepreneurial realms and the latest training in industrial ecology, systems-thinking and transformational leadership to help companies embed sustainability within their strategic business goals. 



Sustainable Organizations are Enabled Bodies Guided by the Minds of Leadership That Envision A Better Future.

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Facilitate Stakeholder Engagement

Increase the Sustainability Muscle of Your Key Stakeholders.

The best sustainability strategy starts with all your stakeholders on board. Two of the most important set of stakeholders are your employees and the suppliers within your value chain.

What does it take to get them there?

Kate is a certified Al Gore Climate Reality Leader and author who bridges climate change to personal sustainability in a clear, practical and actionable way.


Kate and her sustainable management team offer stakeholder workshops designed to impart factual and actionable sustainability measures applicable to each stakeholder’s lives and livelihoods utilizing frameworks that are clear and persuasive.

Sustainability workshops are customizable into 2-hour, half-day and full-day sessions that span the following topics:

  • Climate change impacts
  • Adaptability and Resiliency
  • Carbon Footprints and Key Emission Drivers
  • Adaptation Strategies
  • Personal Impact Areas
  • Key Drivers and Leverage Points for Taking Action
  • Sustainability Measures
  • Future visioning
  • Take-away checklist and worksheets

Kate brings 20 years of experience in both the corporate and entrepreneurial realms and marries that expertise with thought-leadership in circular economy concepts and sustainable business practices to inspire and motivate employees and other corporate stakeholders to commit to sustainability – both the vision you have developed for your company, and in their personal lives.

Workshops are priced according to time commitment desired.


Call Today: (503) 847-4788


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