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Achieving the promise of reduce, reuse, recycle with chemical recycling

Originally published by Multibriefs on December 4, 2019 There’s no consensus yet on whether chemical recycling is the silver bullet for the growing plastic pollution problem. What is clear, however, is that a solution needs to be found — and fast. Plastic and the use of plastic are not going away anytime soon. This quintessential […]

The Global Climate is a Common (Pool) Resource

black and white earth between sea and sky - triple win advisory sustainable business blog

Why It Is Important To Manage “Free” Resources The inclusion of the word ‘pool’ is apropos.  Think of the Earth’s atmosphere and its life-giving property, Oxygen.   This element is essential for giving us the ability to breathe and thus live.  Like a public swimming pool, everyone has free access to it, and has the ability […]

An Equation, Multiplication, and Environmental Impact

Environmental impact equation for triple win advisory sustainable business blog

A Positive Caveat? The title sounds a bit ominous to the discussion laid out below.  It’s not.  I’ll even try to make math fun, which it is, when it’s easy to understand. What is the IPAT Equation? I’m referring to the IPAT equation.  It’s an equation developed in the 1970’s by the early environmentalist thinkers, […]

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Oceans Full of Microplastics

Ocean Plastics Pollution on beach - for micro-plastics article/blog

Microplastics = Pollution In the May 27th issue of The Economist in the article titled, “Deep Trouble” (see article here) under the magazine’s Leadership section, the proliferation of microplastics in our oceans and by default into the very backbone of our ecological system is mind-boggling in its scope and potential damage (think: bioaccumulation and bioconcentration up our food […]

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Does the Proliferation of Microplastic Pollution Concern You?

Microplastics for triple win advisory sustainable business blog

What are Microplastics Anyway? The effects of microplastic contamination in aquatic environments has received limited study historically and has become only a recent concern. Microplastics are plastic particles less than 5 mm in size, cover a spectrum of shapes, and are derived from a variety of sources including microbeads (found in cosmetics), manufacturing pellets and synthetic […]

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