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What is Climate Change? (A poem of sorts)

What’s climate change?

First, Climate change = global warming.

Stalled hurricanes = heavy rain for days.

Why? Hotter air holds more moisture.

More moisture makes for more rain.

Unusually long droughts.

More dryer days but when it rains,

Excessive rain downpours.

Stronger storms = more Category 3 & 4 Hurricanes making landfall.

Warming surface waters in oceans.

Warming water is fuller water or expanded water.

More flooding around coasts.

Fundamentally, more buildings, homes, roads and bridges sustaining damage.

More disease from insects not dying off during cold, winter months.

More asthma problems.

More allergy problems.

More wildfires.

More intense, faster burning and longer wildfires.

Because of those wildfires, more landslides.

Poorer air quality (think of the red air days in San Francisco, Sweden and Oregon this Summer/Fall).

Landslides take down homes.

Building damage again.

Lots of money being spent rebuilding.

Lots of out-of-pocket money spent as insurance companies balk at reimbursing for greater number of storm events.


All of the above is getting worse.


Not in all areas but across regions.

Climate change does not mean that (unusually) cold days and seasons won’t exist.

Variation in weather happens. 
Weather is not climate change.

The 10-year trend, 20-year trend, 30-year trend of annual temperature uptick is climate change.


Climate change is not political.

Climate change is not personal.

Climate change is not national.

Climate change is us, our life, our society, our existence.


Let’s do something about it and take the personal/political out of it.

Let’s stop labelling it something “other” and label it “ours”.

Our problem to take action to fix.


Amen. Hallelejuh. Namaste.  

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