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Driving Business Circularity
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Industrial Ecology

The power of Industrial Ecology (IE) is the various practical applications and gained efficiencies that can be employed from the beginning to the end of any manufacturing process. Industrial Ecology Рmore commonly known as Business Circularity or Circular Production Рallows for optimizing material reuse, supports product design and packaging innovations, spurs new business models, while transforming a company’s value chain for the better.

The Tools

Industrial Ecology measures are manifold and are applied at almost every stage of a supply chain. Some of the most effective tools that support organizational transformation are:

  • End-of-Life Product Design
  • Eco-design
  • Life-cycle Analysis (LCA)
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Material Revalorization
  • Industrial Symbiosis
  • Eco-Effectiveness including Dematerialization and Material Substitution
  • Service-model of manufacturing

These transformative manufacturing processes fundamentally support business circularity.

“Closing the Loop”

Industrial Ecology (IE) is the study of materials through a manufacturing system and energy flows within that system. One of the most effective ways of improving a company’s sustainability metrics is to optimize the material flow of production as it moves raw materials through a manufacturing system to a finished product.

IE asks us to think about the Earth and its resources as a closed system, one that recognizes that resources are not unlimited.

Within a circular manufacturing system, new products are designed to be recycled into other goods of same or lesser quality and/or revalorized back into new virgin-like products to be sold. In this system, optimized with the application of industrial ecology measures, when products reach their end-of-use period, they skip the trash bin and are funneled back into the same supply chain but in reverse. This forward and reverse supply chain allows for a circular flow of goods within product manufacturing, supporting more efficient material flow, sustainable material extraction, and improved product design, packaging, and material sourcing.

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