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Your Personal Sustainability Story

The “I” in Climate Change:  Smart personal choices for a sustainable future.

Be a part of my new Book!

Cover of Kate Gaertner's book "The I in Climate Change"

My book is in the editing phase before publication.  I’m looking to gather compelling personal stories from around the U.S., Alaska, Hawai’i and Puerto Rico that distill sustainability stories of individuals seeking to stop the trajectory of climate change and make a measurable impact in reducing their personal carbon emissions.

Do you have a compelling story you’d like to share?

Is your story one that can inspire others to take action and live more sustainably?

Help me amplify the wisdom of your sustainability actions.  Tell me your story now!

I am looking for compelling, inspiring and motivating stories of individuals who have decided to build sustainability measures into their own life; that have taken to heart that climate change is everyone’s personal responsibility.

Some stories will make it into my book.  If yours does, you will receive a free copy of my published book.

So, get ready, get set, and take action!

Share your story

by telling me about your sustainability journey, what have been your successes and why personal sustainability is important to you!


(503) 847-4788
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