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Driving Business Circularity
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Client Testimonials

We at TripleWin Advisory prefer to have our clients speak for us.  We prize their business. They value our partnership, vision and operational insights.

Business Transformative

Working with Kate Gaertner has been transformative. Prior to working with her, my mindset had become quite fixed with regards to what my business’s potential was for growth and evolution. In 10 years of operating, my company had reached a point of stagnation. Kate was empathetic yet firm, providing actionable recommendations and guidance that propelled me to take risks and seek out contracts and opportunities that were much more substantial and profitable than I had previously considered. Not only did my company revenue increase substantially last year directly as a result of Kate’s suggestions, but this new work set the foundation for an entirely new digital product that’s projected to outpace my current offerings. Kate brings sound business knowledge, formal training and a clear passion for sustainable business practices. Throughout several years of working with her, I can attest that she has pushed me to think bigger, to take on greater challenges, and to explore growth opportunities while respecting my own ideals and values as a CEO. She has a keen eye for industry trends and is generous with her time, energy and enthusiasm. Any company that is struggling with strategic planning, getting back in touch with critical values or prioritizing diverse options for growth would benefit from her insights and support.
-CEO, Resume Scripter

Aligning Business Values with Growth

Kate listens deeply and asks the right questions. She has a way of quickly understanding a complex terrain or set of conditions and then drilling down without losing sight of the big picture and a company’s core values. Running a values-based business, generating revenue and growing a business do not have to be at odds. How do I pay my vendors and contractors well and remain profitable? Externalizing those business costs is not an option for me and Kate has helped me articulate my value proposition within these core values. It’s better business, every way you slice it!  And she’s just plain fun to work with, so smart, thoughtful and caring and she doesn’t let you off the hook. You’d better be ready to think big and bold!
-Cook With What You Have
(503) 847-4788

We look forward to having a conversation with you around implementing business circularity in your organization.

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