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Corporate Sustainability = A Smart Company   

Facilitate Stakeholder Engagement

Increase the Sustainability Muscle of Your Key Stakeholders.

The best sustainability strategy starts with all your stakeholders on board. Two of the most important set of stakeholders are your employees and the suppliers within your value chain.

What does it take to get them there?

Kate is a certified Al Gore Climate Reality Leader and author who bridges climate change to personal sustainability in a clear, practical and actionable way.


Kate and her sustainable management team offer stakeholder workshops designed to impart factual and actionable sustainability measures applicable to each stakeholder’s lives and livelihoods utilizing frameworks that are clear and persuasive.

Sustainability workshops are customizable into 2-hour, half-day and full-day sessions that span the following topics:

  • Climate change impacts
  • Adaptability and Resiliency
  • Carbon Footprints and Key Emission Drivers
  • Adaptation Strategies
  • Personal Impact Areas
  • Key Drivers and Leverage Points for Taking Action
  • Sustainability Measures
  • Future visioning
  • Take-away checklist and worksheets

Kate brings 20 years of experience in both the corporate and entrepreneurial realms and marries that expertise with thought-leadership in circular economy concepts and sustainable business practices to inspire and motivate employees and other corporate stakeholders to commit to sustainability – both the vision you have developed for your company, and in their personal lives.

Workshops are priced according to time commitment desired.

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(503) 847-4788
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