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Driving Business Circularity
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Develop Sustainable Business Cases

Your company has decided business sustainability is a priority.

Your company has decided business sustainability is a priority.

Your company has decided business sustainability is a priority.

Your company has decided business sustainability is a priority.


What does that mean for your organization? What does that plan entail? Where should you be pursuing sustainable measures? What should get prioritized?

A first step is to identify where your company is in its sustainability journey.


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From whatever point your company is in its journey, there are most likely further inroads to delve deeper and implement greater sustainability measures throughout your value chain to realize operational efficiencies, cost savings and to uncover additional revenue opportunities.

Building a Corporate Sustainability Roadmap

Why does a company need a sustainability road map? Because a well-thought out plan that ties sustainability measures to a company’s strategic business objectives and priorities operational efficiencies and business transformations in the medium-to-long-term requires executive commitment, board sign-off and effective corporate governance. One-off projects and non-targeted performance goals may provide short-term marketing lift but fail to build long-term business capabilities that are built to last. Corporate sustainability should support climate change mitigation efforts meaningfully, measurably, and impactfully.

At TripleWin Advisory, we:

  • Perform an internal business review to identify immediate opportunities to pursue.
  • Assess external landscape.
  • Develop stakeholder engagement strategy.
  • Perform Scope 1-3 carbon inventories.
  • Vet key areas of sustainable opportunity.
  • Socialize circularity measures.
  • Identify key partners, technologies and acquisition opportunities across one’s value chain.
  • Develop a financial business case for recommended measures.
  • Outline an internal communications plan.
  • Prioritize & plan a range of sustainability projects to pursue in-line with company’s strategic business vision and goals.

All work is project-based, typically spanning 8-14 weeks depending on the scope of work requested.

Realize the benefits of a comprehensive sustainability plan.

TripleWin Advisory brings 20 years of experience from the corporate and entrepreneurial realms and the latest training in industrial ecology, systems-thinking and transformational leadership to help companies embed sustainability within their strategic business goals. 


(503) 847-4788

We look forward to having a conversation with you around implementing business circularity in your organization.

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