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Corporate Sustainability = A Smart Company   

Perform Scope 1-3 Carbon Inventories

Meaningful metrics underlie successful corporate sustainability strategies.

A company’s sustainability strategy across its entire organizational footprint is only as good as its best guess without data to prove-out assumptions reliably. Mapping a company’s value chain through a Scope 1, 2 & 3 greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory allows a company to make informed, measurable and meaningful strategic decisions around:

  • Where in its value chain are GHG emissions concentrated?
  • What are the ESG impacts of those value chain emissions?
  • Which sustainability measures can be taken to provide the best opportunities to realize operational efficiencies, cost savings and new revenue streams?

Understand the Path toward a Circular Value Chain

Realize the Benefits of Performing a Scope 3 Carbon Inventory

Corporations can realize a whole host of opportunities to improve their value chain operations, innovate, decarbonize, decouple their growth from fossil fuels (and hitch their ride onto renewable energy), and signal to the capital markets and stakeholders the value and benefit of a truly sustainable business model. Some of those benefits include:

  • Optimizing transportation systems
  • Dematerializing product design
  • Greening material sourcing and chemical use
  • Improving product use efficiency
  • More effectively managing product end-of-life

Scope 3 corporate value chain analysis is the short-cut to actualizing strategies for the implementation of a circular business model. Learn more here about circularity, circular production and industrial ecology.

TripleWin Advisory conducts Scope 1-3 GHG inventories by performing the following for its clients:

  • Conduct initial screen across a corporate value chain
  • Map a company’s global supply chain
  • Highlight the top 3-8 Scope 3 category hotspots to analyze further
  • Calculate priority categories
  • Recommend carbon reduction strategies to pursue
  • Helps to set carbon reduction goals

All work is project-based, typically spanning 10-14 weeks depending on the scope of work requested.

Capitalize on the business opportunities a carbon inventory can uncover for your business.

TripleWin Advisory brings 20 years of experience from the corporate and entrepreneurial realms and the latest training in industrial ecology, systems-thinking and transformational leadership to help companies embed sustainability within their strategic business goals. 

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