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E2 Assessments

E2 = Energy & Efficiency

At Triple Win we work with clients and thought leaders who recognize that corporate sustainability is a necessity, not a nice-to-have. Progressive organizations realize that corporate sustainability powers better business results, including revenues, profits, cost control, productivity, wellness, and brand performance.

The Clean Energy Advantage

The transition to clean energy systems offers compelling economic benefits to companies. Our E2 team at TripleWin has developed a portfolio of tools to help organizations make comprehensive sustainability plans and compelling business cases to win executive buy-in and compel organizational implementation.

Clean Energy Assessment Process

Our Clean Energy Assessment Process focuses primarily on the technological upgrades a company can consider that will yield real results.

TripleWin’s clean energy experts guide clients down the following assessment path:


In the exploration phase TripleWin’s E2 team works with a company to identify potential technological opportunities within your existing operations and helps determine how the story of your organization can shape your goals for improvement. High-level strategy conversations are followed by concrete verification that your possibilities are real within the landscape of current clean energy case successes and best practices.


In the planning phase TripleWin’s energy experts dive deeper into your company operations and work with your team on clean system planning in areas such as building envelopes, heating, cooling & ventilation, energy recovery, controls, micro-grid software, power generation and storage, lighting, motors, water, refrigeration and more. In addition to the technological focus, we propose management initiatives including team engagement, sales, marketing & customer programs, and supply chain analysis. Our E2 team uses team dynamics, data analytics and expert consultation to help with quick wins, deep energy upgrade scenarios, savings, emissions, return on investment (ROI) detail, funding, priority and risk analysis.


The execution phase employs classic project management fundamentals, including plan peer reviews, team building, inspections, updates, interim reports, data collection and final reports.

With TripleWin’s Clean Energy Assessment Process your organization can only win, because during the exploration phase we determine whether there is potential within your operation to save enough cost to cover our services. If that potential doesn’t exist, we recommend against proceeding further. Assuming you ultimately implement the plan we develop together, your investment is certain to pay off both financially and in terms of reducing your greenhouse gas footprint. 

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We look forward to having a conversation with you around implementing business circularity in your organization.

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