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Why is Clean Water Important Anyway?

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Current Water Events There’s been so many “water” stories and in various forms in the news lately.  Here are three more recent current event articles about water flooding, water scarcity, and the importance of maintaining water quality…all across the world. Water Scarcity due to Severe Drought:  https://www.cnn.com/2018/01/24/africa/cape-town-water-crisis-trnd/index.html Water-logged Cities and attendant Water Contamination Issues:  http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-42856634 Water Quality… read more

Oceans Full of Microplastics

Ocean Plastics Pollution on beach - for micro-plastics article/blog

Microplastics = Pollution In the May 27th issue of The Economist in the article titled, “Deep Trouble” (see article here) under the magazine’s Leadership section, the proliferation of microplastics in our oceans and by default into the very backbone of our ecological system is mind-boggling in its scope and potential damage (think: bioaccumulation and bioconcentration up our food… read more

Does the Proliferation of Microplastic Pollution Concern You?

What are Microplastics Anyway? The effects of microplastic contamination in aquatic environments has received limited study historically and has become only a recent concern. Microplastics are plastic particles less than 5 mm in size, cover a spectrum of shapes, and are derived from a variety of sources including microbeads (found in cosmetics), manufacturing pellets and synthetic… read more

The Skinny on Carbon Tax

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What, another tax?  Carbon Tax versus Cap-and-Trade:  the quick on each. Borrowing phraseology from The Week Magazine, the below may be seen as ‘Boring but Important’ and also…critical at this moment in history. Perhaps, more relevant, given the momentum in Oregon to vote on some form of a Cap-and-Trade for Industry during the legislature’s short-session… read more

Extreme Weather and Water Scarcity

raging forest fire for triple win advisory sustainable business

The Summer of 2017 We are seeing quite a bit of extreme weather conditions here in the U.S. in just a short two-week period.  I’m referring to Category 4 Hurricane Harvey that made landfall on August 25, devastating downtown and surrounding Houston, Texas; the scorching heatwaves that have been roiling parts of the U.S., most… read more

A New Carbon Platform: Ethereum?

Carbon footprint image

The Skinny on Fossil Fuel Fossil fuels are carbon energies. Those carbon energies are gas, natural gas, oil and coal. Don’t forget: shale gas (a.k.a. horizontal drilling and hydro fracking) is also included in this mix. So, when we hear talk about carbon taxation, that’s what it is referring to: our use of gas, natural gas, oil, and coal… read more

A Preference for Positive or Negative Feedback Loops

feedback loops in an ecosystem tiple win advisory

Systems Thinking and Tackling Complexity It is important to understand a concept of systems thinking as it applies to planetary climate change. That concept is ‘feedback loops’. Systems thinking is an analytical approach to understanding complex problems within a defined system (e.g., the federal government, a city, a corporation, a family unit) where interactions within the system… read more

The Fallacy of Endless Economic Growth

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GDP as Standard-Bearer Countries and economies are all assessed on how much incremental growth has accrued over the last analyzed period – usually quarterly and annually – to determine if an economy is growing, getting better, doing well, progressing, and being “productive”. That incremental growth is encapsulated in the analytic metric of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). GDP… read more

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