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Driving Business Circularity
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Linking Purpose-Driven Leadership with Value Creation

FOUNDATIONS OF CORPORATE SUSTAINABILITY There are key foundational aspects to corporate sustainability.  The triple-bottom line philosophy is the stool on which all else stands.  The legs of that stool are to bear weight in balance:  a company is to equally emphasize in its course of operations 1) profit-making, 2) environmental pollution mitigation, and 3) societal… read more

The Evolution of Corporate Sustainability

WHAT IS CORPORATE SUSTAINABILITY? In the world of sustainability, as applied to corporate industry, we’re often met with varying approaches to and different definitions of business ‘sustainability’.  Companies can view it as: a mindset (i.e., longevity of a business model), an approach (i.e., promote human productivity and satisfaction, a signal to the market or key… read more

The Value-Driven Economics of Fishpeople Seafood

Kate Gaertner, the founder and managing director of TripleWin Advisory, interviewed Kipp Baratoff, co-founder and VP of Supply Chain of fishpeople seafood (headquartered in Portland, OR), in the Fall of 2018.  Fishpeople seafood is both in the business of fish and sustainability, arguably equally.  Read Kipp’s approach to building value through quality, transparency and community. … read more

Setting Strategy: The Role of the Board

typewriter ribbon - develop a sustainable "Corporate Strategy" - call TripleWin

The Key Function of a Corporate Board A key function of a company’s Board of Directors is to assess the future direction and set the long-term strategy of an organization. Any leadership structure should include positive, goal-oriented, and progressive voices to reach the critical business objectives of maintaining healthy profits and ensuring the longevity of… read more

What is Climate Change? (A poem of sorts)

What’s climate change? First, Climate change = global warming. Stalled hurricanes = heavy rain for days. Why? Hotter air holds more moisture. More moisture makes for more rain. Unusually long droughts. More dryer days but when it rains, Excessive rain downpours. Stronger storms = more Category 3 & 4 Hurricanes making landfall. Warming surface waters… read more

I Know Weather. What’s Climate?

Wild storm - prevent golbal warming and make profits - make your business sustainable

The “Global” in Front of Climate Change. We have all heard about global climate change.  We may have an idea of what its effects will be on the planet:  sea level rises, unpredictable weather, and/or water scarcity in some regions.  We have been told that climate change is mainly human-induced but may not be sure… read more

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We look forward to having a conversation with you around implementing business circularity in your organization.

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