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What is Climate Change? (A poem of sorts)

What’s climate change? First, Climate change = global warming. Stalled hurricanes = heavy rain for days. Why? Hotter air holds more moisture. More moisture makes for more rain. Unusually long droughts. More dryer days but when it rains, Excessive rain downpours. Stronger storms = more Category 3 & 4 Hurricanes making landfall. Warming surface waters […]

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I Know Weather. What’s Climate?

Wild storm - prevent golbal warming and make profits - make your business sustainable

The “Global” in Front of Climate Change. We have all heard about global climate change.  We may have an idea of what its effects will be on the planet:  sea level rises, unpredictable weather, and/or water scarcity in some regions.  We have been told that climate change is mainly human-induced but may not be sure […]

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Grounding the Scale of Climate Change

computer graphics - funnel or scaling - the scale of climate change in future

The “Global” in Climate Change When we hear about global climate change its scale can be overwhelming.  One of two responses can override our rational brain.  One response by some could be the thought that global climate change is such a big problem it is difficult to fully comprehend.  You would not be alone in […]

Hidden Obstacle to Women Networks

cartoon branches with computer/mobile apps - women's networking

The Historical Take on the Drawbacks of Women Networking When it comes to the reasons why women are less adept at professional networking than men, the differences between the sexes’ priorities and preferences are often highlighted as the main barriers to women’s success. Recent articles[1] on why professional women are disadvantaged in their networking skills […]

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The MisEducation of Women

woman power abstract - the mis-education of women

The Role of Women: Obedience The role of women in our culture is all messed up and discombobulated.  From a very early age, girls are asked to carry themselves in a way that comports to societies expectations of them. And that society is patriarchal.  This is where the problem begins and persists.  At a young […]


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