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Driving Business Circularity
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Why I wrote “Planting A Seed”

The reason I founded TripleWin Advisory was to effect transformational change within businesses in order to stop and reverse climate change and industry’s contribution to it. The work I do at TripleWin and for our clients is meaningful and impactful. I’m deeply passionate about what we do and the reasons for doing it. A significant… read more

What’s the Deal with Material

Companies cannot realize business circularity without systems change. A Circular Manufacturing Supply Chain Systems change requires a multitude of transformations that include (but is not exhaustive) reverse logistics capabilities, service models for manufacturers, carbon pricing, producer regulations, new commodity markets for materials as well as the more integral aspects of how organizations operate and supply… read more

CEO Spotlight: Stacy Flynn of Evrnu

In conversation with visionary Founder & CEO, Stacy Flynn of Evrnu Kate Gaertner, CEO of TripleWin Advisory, had the opportunity to speak with Stacy Flynn, the visionary founder and CEO of Evrnu, a textile innovations company that is seeking to deploy its regenerative fiber technologies to re-engineer discarded clothing into new, high-quality, performance apparel.  … read more

An Action Plan for Sustainably-Driven Companies

Originally published by Real Leaders Magazine, August 8, 2020. “Possible is more a matter of attitude; a matter of decision to choose; among the impossible possibilities; when one sound opportunity; becomes a possible solution.” ― Dejan Stojanovic The imperative for companies today is to be purpose-driven in how they operate.  The acute health and economic crises… read more


Originally published in Conscious Company Magazine, August 3, 2020. Employees and customers are your most ardent brand ambassadors. Stay relevant by providing your stakeholders with opportunities to fight climate change. We’re in a climate bind. Global warming is causing major havoc around the world. Almost every day we face news of floods, droughts, water shortages,… read more

The Up-and-Up on Natural Refrigerants

Sometimes humanity really pulls together and solves problems.  One example is the 1987 Montreal Protocol, an agreement among countries to ban ozone-hole creating refrigerants. The hole in the ozone layer of Earth’s atmosphere is now shrinking. Nations succeeding together!  Another “success story in the making” has been emerging over the last decade.  Again, it comes… read more

Achieving the promise of reduce, reuse, recycle with chemical recycling

Originally published by Multibriefs on December 4, 2019 There’s no consensus yet on whether chemical recycling is the silver bullet for the growing plastic pollution problem. What is clear, however, is that a solution needs to be found — and fast. Plastic and the use of plastic are not going away anytime soon. This quintessential… read more

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